Sign the Petition to Support Fort Jackson

MA_Ft-Init---horizontalA Petition to Support Fort Jackson

Click here to sign the Petition! Petitions due by August 20.

We, the Greater Midlands Community, pride ourselves on being military friendly and that designation is derived from the partnership we have developed with Fort Jackson and all of our military installations in the state.

We are grateful for the continued investments the U.S. Army has made in Fort Jackson which enhance Fort Jackson’s military value, leading to improved quality of life and strategic and operational value of the base at a low cost to the U.S. Army.

WE are concerned that the economic impact of force reductions at Fort Jackson would be devastating to the region.

Losing 3,100 jobs at Fort Jackson would equate to (over five years):

  • An immediate $189M impact on income for the Midlands
  • A population loss of 7,733 (soldiers, direct and indirect employees, spouses and dependents)
  • A reduction of $286M in sales, including sales tax receipts of $3.3M
  • A reduction in Impact Aid in our schools with the loss of approximately 3,000 dependent
    children of school age.

Also, our “outside the gate” communities depend on the trainees, their families, and their investment in the communities.

I urge the Department of the U.S. Army to avoid making any further budget cuts at Fort Jackson.

Furthurmore, I encourage the U.S. Army to consider bringing additional training missions to Fort Jackson which would enhance it as a center of excellence allowing the U.S. Army greater cost benefit ratios in IET soldier training/production.

Click here to sign the Petition! Petitions due by August 20.

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38 thoughts on “Sign the Petition to Support Fort Jackson

  1. I took my basic training at Fort Jackson in 1967 and consider it a first class training facility. Over the years it has become a part of Columbia and South Carolina. We need to keep it for the benefit of our State and our Nation.

    Jimmy H Ethridge
    13 Glenn Street
    Newberry South Carolina 29108

  2. This is not only a job to many but provides 100’s of retires a place to call home as well as provides services to them.

  3. Please keep Ft Jackson open. It is a very important part of Columbia SC to our troops as well as our community as a whole!!

    • Since its inception, Fort Jackson has been an important part of our nation’s defense. It is crucial that it continues in that role, undiminished.
      Louis W. Gilland, Jr.

  4. Fort Jackson is a vital part of the Columbia community, and a historic institution for the United States Army. Closing Fort Jackson should not even be an option, as it is a necessary part of South Carolina and the city of Columbia.

  5. I worked at Moncrief Army Community Hospital from 1958 until 1996 and would love to see it remain at the military and civilian strength it is now.

  6. Simply stated, Columbia cannot exist without Fort Jackson. It serves and has served as an integral part of not only Columbia but South Carolina. Fort Jackson is not just a home for present soldiers but for soldiers of the past. It represents jobs for soldiers and civilians. Keep Fort Jackson open without any cuts. Cuts will only mean weaker security for our country and state!

  7. Military Retirees depend on Ft. Jackson for many things. Please keep this valuable community resourse intact. Columbia is open to expansion of Miltary presence…we embrace it!

  8. Fort Jackson is very vital to military retirees and their dependents. We are provided with excellent medical care, shopping experiences, activities and getaways. Our team of surgeons and doctors at Moncrief, are by far the most caring and dedicated group of excellence that we have ever had the pleasure of having. Fort Jackson is a part of Columbia and of our nation’s defense. It’s a part of Carolina’s pride. If 3000 jobs are lost, it will have such a profound and negative impact on the lives of our veterans who are, right at this moment, already having to deal with another sector that has been in the national news for lack of care. Why add on more lack of service? Please find a way to stop this.

  9. Fort Jackson is a vital part of the economy in Columbia. Our troops and their families need this Fort. Want to cut jobs, cut them in Washington first!

  10. As a newly retired Federal employee I can say wholeheartedly that these 3100+ jobs are an important part of the training mission on Ft Jackson. There is no way a military base can function without the civilian support and hundreds of years of expertise and knowledge they bring to the job.

  11. I am a service member and know that the jobs at Fort Jackson are vital to our community. The loss of the income provided by these jobs would cause overall loss to our community.

  12. Fort Jackson is the cornerstone of army basic training. Let’s continue to train our young men and women by keeping the current structure as we know it here at Fort jackson. “Victory truly starts here!!!”

  13. Fort Jackson in heart and soul for a large portion of Columbia. We are proud of our military and what they do. No one here will be in favor of any cuts at Fort Jackson. Keep the military jobs and related jobs where the military is loved and respected.

  14. Please allow the jobs of those who are employed at Fort Jackson to remain secured. This is vital to myself and many others lively hood.

  15. Fort Jackson is an integral part of the Columbia, SC economy. Force reduction and potential closures to entire units could have massive negative impacts on the community here. Please consider the lives of those that are employed providing services to the military members that come through Fort Jackson during a term of enlistment.

  16. There is a pride with having a military base in your backyard. To see our young men and women joining together to protect our country and produce a future for themselves is invigorating. There is also a huge economic impact. I have lived in towns where the bases have closed and are just this huge area of nothing. America has to stay strong against the forces that want to harm us and destroy our way of life. I can’t even imagine living in a country with tanks and guns roaming the streets all hours of the day.

    Please support our troops and support Fort Jackson.

    Cindy Pannell

  17. My father served at Fort Jackson and he continues to use the services offered there in his retirement. There is many others like him who NEED those services and many who NEED those jobs to help serve our men and women who have or is serving our country. Fort Jackson has been a BIG part of the Columbia community and it would be a blow to the community of Columbia, SC and Fort Jackson. PLEASE SAVE OUR BASE!

  18. My cousin is in the military, and I know that her and all the other military personnel’s need their jobs. Please don’t allow this to happen.


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