Improving CAE Service Takes Flight under the Leadership of the Midlands Business Community

The Midlands business community is conducting a survey to help the Columbia Metropolitan Airport better understand the dynamics of the market: where do Midlands business travelers most frequently travel to, how often do they need to travel to these markets, how often are they using alternate airports and why, and a review of travel budgets. The business community is hoping that with this data, airport executives will be able to provide improved services to corporate travelers.

The data will be used to:

  • analyze aircraft sizes currently in the market and determine what changes need to be made to upgrade the sizes of the aircraft thus adding additional seats to that market
  • analyze the need for new air service to a potential new market if it is evident that there is strong demand for that destination
  • analyze the need to add flights to markets already served at CAE.

We are relying on YOU in order to help us get this initiative off the ground. It is imperative that we secure the support of our corporate travel community to continue air service improvements moving forward. This support begins with a strong number of responses to this survey so the airlines will have substantial factual data. If you fly for business, please click on the link below and complete the survey. With your help, we can improve travel for all.

Take the survey here



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