Ribbon Cutting | Jan. 18 at 1:00pm

Fertility Specialist, Dr. Gail Whitman-Elia, Announces Opening Of Expanded Fertility Center, Advanced Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology Institute, LLC

South Carolina residents now have access to the country’s newest and technologically-advanced fertility center with the opening of the expanded Advanced Fertility located in West Columbia.

The facility is designed for patient comfort and fertility results as medical director and founder, Dr. Whitman-Elia, continues to add to the thousands she’s assisted in achieving pregnancy.

With the new location, the institute expands from 5,400 square feet to 14,000 square feet.  What does that mean for patients?  Patients will find more services, more options, greater comfort, and, if indicated, access to two new clean room procedure suites optimized for fertility success.  The institute’s new lab utilizes the latest in air filtration and environmental controls to ensure the best clinical lab setting for high-tech in-vitro and other fertility cases.

“Our mission, seven days a week, is to help our patients start or expand their families. We have the honor of working with men and women who have incredible love to offer a child and just need a little help to achieve their goals,” says Dr. Whitman-Elia. “We’re excited to offer this high level of state-of-the-art care to patients here in South Carolina, the remainder of the country and internationally.”

One out of seven couples will have some level of infertility. What many people don’t realize is how far therapies have come to help people overcome the many causes of infertility.  Advanced Fertility’s new West Columbia institute will have the capacity to help a greater number of patients, even patients who may have been turned away by other fertility clinics.

In addition to large, new exam and treatment rooms, the facility includes its own meeting room for a continuation of Dr. Whitman-Elia’s popular free fertility seminars.  The community may also monitor the institute’s website for other special events including, but not limited to, fertility mind and body seminars.

“With this new beautiful facility, our focus is expanding our role as one of the top fertility centers of choice in the Southeast while, at the same time, maintaining the personal, compassionate care for which we’re known,” states Whitman-Elia.  “This new institute allows our team to bring this standard of care to an even greater number of patients to help them realize their dreams.”

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony and tour is scheduled for Wednesday, January 18th,1:00pm, at the new institute, 2324 Sunset Boulevard in West Columbia.  The public is invited in both a celebration of this exciting, new, regional medical resource as well as a celebration of life.

For more information and for press inquiries, please contact Michael Burney at (803) 238-0300, mburney@doctorsedge.com, or contact the practice directly at (803) 939-1515 or abouknight@ivfwecare.com.


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