Chamber’s Issue Committee Recap

The Chamber’s Issues Committee met on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 with 42 Chamber members in attendance.

The topics discussed were as follows:

The “Bill Wylie Entrepreneurship Act”  or SC Angel Tax Credit:  The Committee discussed this issue and will further discuss at the March meeting to determine the Committee’s level of support.  Currently the bill is in Senate Finance, H.3779; it was passed by the House last year.

The False Claims Act, Public Fraud Legislation:  The Committee voted to not support the bill as currently drafted.  The Chamber Executive Committee voted to “oppose” the bill to confirm that  this issue does not support our business friendly agenda.  S1003 and S1018 are both in a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee. They have not been introduced in the House.

The SC Abandoned Buildings Revitalization Act:  The Committee voted unanimously to support this bill when it is introduced.  The Chamber Executive Committee withheld approval pending a determination of the positions of the SC Chamber and building and commercial real estate associations. Ike McLeese informed Rep Smith of the Committee’s decision.

Ike McLeese reviewed the Base Realignment and Closure Report and highlighted local efforts to prepare for this round of review.

The next Chamber Issues Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 8am, Palmetto Room at the Chamber.  Contact Susan Vaughan McPherson, 733-1148 for additional information.


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