Bus Transportation Topic of Discussion

Members of the Citizens for a Greater Midlands (CGM) met on March 7th to discuss transportation opportunities in the Columbia area.

Dr. Bobby Schneider, Executive Director of CMRTA (Central Midlands Rapid Transit Authority) briefed the group on the status of funding for the bus system and service alternatives.  Paul Livingston, Richland County Council member and Chairman of the Council’s Transportation Committee, briefed the group on the transportation funding process and the Richland County Transportation Committee’s Work Session scheduled for Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 5pm to 7pm, Council Chambers.

Discussions among the group clearly echoed the message asking County Council Members to “put the transportation penny on the 2012 ballot and let the voters decide what they want for the Midlands”. WACH Fox reporter Adam Pinsker interviewed Bob Liming who strongly emphasized that the bus system is critical for business and jobs in our county and we clearly need to fund public transportation.  The CGM encourages county residents to talk with their Council representatives and attend the upcoming work session to show interest and support.



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