Feel GOOD by doing GOOD – 3 Upcoming COR Volunteer Opportunities

Urban Tour | April 5

The Urban Tour brings downtown Main Street to life from 5:30-8 p.m. Columbians can take a free self-guided tour of local businesses while enjoying live entertainment, discounted food and drinks and special offers from retailers.

COR’s volunteers will help guide the masses by greeting, answering questions and giving directions. Enjoy a volunteer lounge stocked with pizza and beverages and a free t-shirt.

Want to get involved? Click here.


USMC Mud Run | April 21

Support Columbia Marines by volunteering for the USMC Mud Run. All proceeds from the USMC Mud Run support Marines, helping families of those wounded or killed in action, and funding scholarships in memory of Marines who gave their lives defending our freedom. The bi-annual USMC Mud Run is presented by the Greater Columbia Marine Foundation in partnership with Columbia Opportunity Resource.

Volunteer for a morning or afternoon shift. You’ll get a free t-shirt, a volunteer appreciation party and a little mud!

Volunteer today!


COR Committee Meetup | April 24

Have your say. Shape the future of Columbia. 

There are so many reasons to join COR’s Committees – and so many benefits!

  • Showcase your talents to the community.
  • Effect change in Columbia. 
  • Make new friends with like-minded people.
  • Gain new (resumeable!) skills. 
  • Feel good by doing good.

COR leadership opportunities include:

  • Connectivity Committee: Organizes COR’s programs, Table for Six, Talent Bank and Columbia 101.
  • Conduit Committee: Leads COR’s marketing and communications efforts.
  • Friends + Funds Committee: Recruits individual and corporate membership investments.
  • Connectorati: Serve as COR and Columbia ambassadors and cheerleaders by providing one-on-one connections and coaching. 

To learn more and apply to serve, click here.  

To learn more about COR,”like” us on Facebook, follow up on Twitter (@impactcolumbia), and visit our Web site www.ourcor.org.  


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