Columbia Chamber Welcomes Brigadier General Bryan Roberts

Members of the business and military community welcomed General Bryan Roberts to Fort Jackson as its 45th Commander in Charge.  The event, hosted by the Columbia Chamber and sponsored by the Embassy Suites, was well attended by members of the business, military, and political community.

Also, WWII veteran Moffit Burris was in attendance and presented a copy of his book, “Strike and Hold” to General Roberts.

Notable Quotes…

“People are the centerpiece of our focus – our soldiers, families, civilians, retirees, veterans and community.” - General Bryan Roberts

"We welcome you to our city. You’ll find that in Columbia, we still have sweet ice tea on the menu, people still open doors for others and we still say thank you. Victory starts at Fort Jackson and thank you starts here and now as we welcome you to our community and say thank you to all of our military members for the work you do and your participation in our Famously Hot City.” - Mayor Steve Benjamin

For more photos from the event, visit our Facebook page.


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