Graduation Imperative Launch | May 8

Want to increase a region’s economic vitality, then increase the number of people in that region who hold college degrees, whether they are 2-year, 4- year, graduate or professional degrees.

Join the public launch of The Graduation Imperative, an effort to increase our region’s college degree attainment, at 10 a.m. May 8 of the steps of the S.C. Statehouse in Columbia.

The Graduation Imperative is a collaborative initiative of the Navigating from Good to Great Foundation, the Central Carolina Community Foundation, COR, and the S.C. Higher Education Foundation in partnership with the region’s colleges and universities.

In South Carolina, nearly 34% of the state’s 2.4 million working-age adults hold at least a 2-year degree. The national rate is 38%.  By 2018 more than 60% of the jobs nationwide are estimated to require at least a two year degree.

Twenty-four percent of the state’s working age population holds bachelor’s degrees against a national average of 28%.  Just by moving to the national average by 2030, South Carolina could see an annual gain of $6.9 billion in personal income, $7.8 billion in gross state product and 44,514 permanent jobs.

Join the effort to improve our region and South Carolina’s college degree attainment rate.


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