Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce Request for Proposal Logo Styleguide


The recreation of the Columbia Chamber logo is the second step in the organization’s rebranding efforts. By working with a group of key marketing and PR professionals, the Chamber has conducted an extensive exploration to identify the Chamber’s key traits. The development of a new logo for the Chamber is just one of the steps in this multiphase process. The Chamber will also be distributing a RFP for the redesign of the current Chamber website in summer 2013.

Please note that applicants must be a member of the Chamber at the time the proposal is submitted to be considered.

Scope of Work

  • Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce Logo
    • The selected vendor will provide a minimum of 3 logo concepts
    • The Chamber will select a concept / combination of concepts
    • There will be three rounds of revisions to refine the selection
  • Logo Style Guide
    • Intro copy “about the logo,” a brief description of how the logo supports the brand
    • Logo fonts and PMS colors
    • Examples of appropriate clear space, minimum size and usage of the     logo
    • Color variations, full color, grayscale, black and white, reverse
    • Vertical and horizontal design that adapts to promotional materials
    • Appropriate usage with backgrounds
    • Examples of misuse of logo (outlines, stretching, wrong colors, etc.)
  • Vendor will provide recommendations for developing a family of logos to support programs & events
    • Vendor will develop one example of how the logo will be adapted to an event
    • Vendor will develop one example of how the logo will be adapted for a program
  • Provide files of each logo and color types in .tif, .jpeg and .eps.
  • Chamber to own all original documents and files

The budget for this project is $3,000.

Requirements for information which should be detailed in the response:

1. Process for brand development including implementation timeline that identifies key milestones from project start through implementation.

2. Background information on your company and bios on team working on the project.

3. Overviews regarding company’s project experience designing and creating logo and brand guidelines.

4. Three client references with name, title, and phone number. Similar line of business is preferred.

5. Robust portfolio of work including examples. Particularly logos.

Final RFP should be delivered in the following format:

  • Electronic format: PDF to
  • Print format: 2 copies delivered to:

Nicole Curtis
Director of Marketing & Communications
Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce
930 Richland Street | Columbia, SC 29201

DEADLINE: March 25, 2013 at 5 p.m. at Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce (all entries received after deadline will not be considered)

Proposal and Selection Timeline

RFP Announced | Feb. 25, 2013
Intent to Respond | Mar. 11, 2013
Questions |  Mar. 18, 2013
Question Response | Mar. 25, 2013
Proposal Deadline | April 8, 2013
Board Approval/Selection Deadline | April 22. 2013
Other deadlines to be set with service provider

Point of Contact:

Nicole Curtis | Director of Marketing & Communications


Please note the following:

  • Submissions received after the GCCC’s stated deadlines will not be considered.
  • The GCCC reserves the right to reject any or all submissions that, in its sole judgment, are not the right solution for the organization, and to select any submission that, in its sole judgment, is most advantageous to the GCCC. The GCCC has the right to elect not to proceed with the project or to re-open the submission process at any time. Their decision will not solely concern potential costs.
  • The GCCC is not responsible for any time or costs incurred by the proponents in preparing and submitting their response to this RFP and/or for any subsequent proposal and/or for attending any interviews or presentations.
  • All questions on RFP should be submitted via email to Questions will be answered and sent to all individuals intending to bide on RFP. No phone calls please.



Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce Value Proposition

The Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce is THE voice for business in the Midlands.

We are the:

  • Leading advocate for business with government, higher education and military stakeholders
  • Marketplace where businesses large and small can serve each other
  • Portal for developing leaders, promoting prosperity, and engaging and retaining talent
  • Resource provider, offering innovative solutions to help our members grow their businesses

Resulting in a unified region and pro-growth environment where business can flourish.

Define the goals for the new logo. Why is it being created?
Through the re-creation of the new Columbia Chamber logo, we hope to create an image that prospective members, members, community leaders and visitors can relate to and understand.

The new logo should reflect the following concepts:

  • Collaborative
  • Connected
  • Leader
  • Welcoming
  • Engaging
  • Exclusive
  • Visionary
  • Resourceful
  • Energetic

Additional branding information will be shared with selected organization.


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