One Columbia CityServe’s Website Now Accepting Volunteers and Projects

One Columbia CityServe is fast approaching. The entire week of April 20th-28th will be dedicated to improving the community in five areas: health, housing, hunger, beautification, and education through support given by private citizens, non-profit organizations, and our community’s corporate citizens.

“This is an opportunity for all of Columbia to join forces to make a real and lasting positive impact in our city,” said Mayor Benjamin. “Imagine what would happen if all of us took just one moment to reach out a hand of caring, kindness and service to our fellow man. Imagine what we could do together.”

The website allows volunteers to find out how to get involved and make a difference by simply going to the site. Visitors, both individuals and organizations, simply need to go to the CityServeColumbia website where they can browse through available projects and sign up for the ones they choose. Those who wish to suggest a project can do so as well, or you can list a project that you or your organization already has planned for the week.

We are also encouraging our corporate citizens to assist us by encouraging your employees to spend some time that week helping out in the community. Choose a company/organization project, provide resources to help fix a roof or clean up a park, or simply help promote One Columbia CityServe.

There is a way that everyone and every organization can make a difference. If you have an idea for a project, please utilize the hashtag #BetterColumbia and tweet your idea. You can also follow the initiative at @CityServeCola.


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