Columbia Small Business Week | Tuesday Recap

Columbia Small Business Week continued  yesterday with a series of seminars on various timely topics relating to small and minority businesses and their employees.

BKyuFrbCIAAUiHAThe  morning began with a presentation from Webster University’s Marketing Director, Alice Jones on business professional development and how the workplace is evolving. Jones shared some important trends to note for the next ten years in the business world including generational and demographic shifts.

BKzVGhuCYAA_OPrFollowing the Small Business Panel, PNC Bank hosted a Lunch and Learn seminar on  Women in Business Financing Opportunities.  Rhonda Hughey shared some important financial insight and tips for female business owners, encouraging them not to shy away from growing their businesses and their goals in a world full of male competitors.


 The third seminar of the day was presented by Kevin Wade of IntelliSystems, who introduced attendees to the world of Cloud Computing. While this concept is not new to businesses, it remains confusing and overwhelming to some. Cloud computing can be a helpful tool and resource to consolidate information and data from multiple sources, and with the “right amount of cloud technology” a business can raise its organization and success rate.

IMG_6488The final presentation of the day was presented by Charles Appleby and Andrew Cole from Collins &  Lacy, P.C. on the topics of employment law, social media and tips for avoiding law suits. They discussed legal issues that may arise and the importance of preparedness.


Thanks to everyone who hosted, attended and supported our efforts yesterday and we look forward to the rest of Columbia Small Business week! Also, a special thanks to our sponsors TD BankEnviro AgScience, Inc.,  Bank of America, South Carolina Community Bank, PNC Bank, IntelliSystems, Webster University, Parker Poe Consulting and
Collins & Lacy, P.C. 

Check out our website for the schedule of events for the remainder of the week.


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