Job Opening: VP for Talent and Leadership Development

Position:  Vice President for Talent and Leadership Development | Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Reports to:  President and CEO or his designee

Summary:  Responsible for helping fulfill the missions of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce and Columbia Opportunity Resource and their joint efforts to attract, engage and retain talent in the Midlands.

Coordinates and manages

  • Leadership Columbia:  The Columbia Chamber’s flagship program for promising leaders that helps them better understand how their community works, build relationships with fellow leaders and become inspired to focus their talents in best service to the Midlands.
  • Leadership Columbia Alumni Association (LCAA): Provides existing and emerging leaders with opportunities to enhance their civic knowledge and civic network and helping them build relationships with the region’s current and future leaders and to become inspired to focus talents in a way that will best serve the community.

Functions as executive director for COR (subject to annual  renewal of a Memorandum of Understanding between COR, the Chamber, and the Navigating from Good  to Great Foundation):

  • Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR): Leads COR in its mission to connect young, talented professionals in the greater Columbia area to diverse and meaningful networks for leadership, service and fun.

Responsible for the consistent achievement of both COR’s and Leadership Columbia’s missions and programs of work, as well as strategic and financial objectives and for seeking synergies between COR and the Chamber. Serves as ambassador and primary point of contact for the programs and organizations.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Education

  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited institution; Masters degree preferred.
  • Strong management and supervisory skills/experience.
  • Self-starter and intrapreneurial-minded.
  • Ability to lead dynamic cross functional teams of both seasoned executives and young professionals.
  • Demonstrates leadership ability in strategic development, coalition building and collaboration management.
  • Demonstrates proven leadership in fundraising, development and stakeholder/donor relationship management.
  • Experienced in developing, managing and executing complex organization and program budgets.
  • Proven commitment and previous experience in the development, management and successful implementation of community-based organizations.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet and database programs in Windows, Google, WordPress and other relevant platforms.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to motivate peers, volunteers and staff in the organizational mission of both COR and the Chamber.
  • Possesses relevant social media skills.
  • Customer and member focused ethic with relevant experience managing 5,000+ constituents.

Job Description

  • Provide vision and leadership to the strategic and day-to-day program implementation of COR, Leadership Columbia and LCAA.
  • Develop collegial, fiscal and partnership relationships with relevant financial, operational and resource partners in the community and the chamber.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in, but not limited to, chamber management, nonprofit management, leadership development, talent engagement, volunteer engagement, community development and economic development.
  • Launch new programs and/or redesign/expand existing programs to respond to the needs of the young professionals, emerging leaders, higher education, business and nonprofit communities; to oversee any such changes or new programs in relation to staffing, fundraising and general administration.
  • Promote active and broad participation by volunteers in all areas of both organizations.
  • Maintain and build upon a diverse and committed base of volunteer leaders, committee participants and active volunteers.
  • Serve as the liaison between the Chamber, Leadership Columbia, COR and their stakeholders, constituents, partners and the community.
  • Develop, maintain and report annual performance metrics, highlights and achievements to board, stakeholders, donors and the community at large.
  • Implement and direct fund and resource development, including identification of funding prospects, grant shaping, and collaboration with foundations, contributing partners, stakeholders and community investors.
  • Maintain sound financial practices.
  • Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations and, with designated officers, execute legal documents.
  • Collaborate and lead in effecting positive communication within and among all COR and Leadership Columbia structures, programs, partners and with the community at large.
  • Jointly, with designated officers, conduct official correspondence of the organization.
  • See that the boards of COR, Navigating from Good to Great and the Greater Columbia Chamber are kept fully informed on the condition of COR and Leadership Columbia and LCAA.
  • Publicize the activities of COR and the Chamber, their programs and goals.
  • Represent the programs and point of view of the organization to agencies, organizations, and the general public.
  • Actively support and participate in Chamber activities and functions.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Work with the board of directors to assure that the organization has a long-range strategy which achieves its mission and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress.
  • Work with the board of directors to create an annual program of work, action plan and budget to be approved by the Joint Review Committee as defined in the Governance section of the Memorandum of Understanding between COR, the Chamber and the Navigating from Good to Great Foundation.
  • Work with staff, financial officer and the board of directors in preparing an annual budget; see that the organization operates within budget guidelines.
  • Serve as the chief administrative officer of the Board of Directors and as staff resource to all COR structure, initiatives and joint COR/Chamber programs.
  • Serve as chief marketing, membership relations, volunteer engagement and programs officers.
  • Serve as the head of staff, the supervisor and the colleague of all COR staff.
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson for COR with all community relationships, private sectors contributors, young professional organization partners, key stakeholders, and the media.


Leadership Columbia

  • Coordinate and manage the program for 60 class participants and 25 governing committee members.
  • Responsible for handling the logistics for each session.
  • Organize, attend and follow up regarding monthly LC Committee meetings.
  • Oversee annual selection process.
  • Oversee ongoing evaluation of the program for short- and long-term enhancements to the program.
  • With committee oversight and Chamber staff cooperation, obtain sponsors for the program.
  • Maintain and oversee LC web site, social media accounts and e-communications with class.
  • Seek ways to enhance the program through ongoing assessment, benchmarking and research into other programs.
  • Seek and implement opportunities to collaborate with organizations in the community, specifically Leadership Lexington, YouthCorps and other relevant organizations.

Leadership Columbia Alumni Association

  • Oversee all program implementation and membership functions of LCAA.
  • Organize, attend and report monthly LCAA Board meetings.
  • Manage communications efforts with and database of LC graduates.
  • Responsible for annual membership campaign.
  • Responsible for implementation of annual event series:
    • ELM (Extraordinary Leadership in the Midlands) Society Social
    • Holiday and Spring Socials
    • Monthly LCAA Leadership Extension Luncheons
    • LCAA Leadership Summit (Annual Meeting)
    • Graduate Series
  • Responsible for these LCAA programs (not exclusive, as deemed by the committee)
    • Boards & Commissions Handbook
    • Distinguished Alumni Series
    • Nonprofit Fair
    • Webinars/Workshops
  • In tandem with the committee, oversee sponsorship solicitation for LCAA.
  • Conduct evaluations after each program and on periodic and annual basis; report to committee and implement changes as needed.
  • Responsible for all communications with alumni: print, electronic, social media and Web site.
  • Serve as liaison in between LCAA and LC Committees, insuring continuity and eliminate duplication or gaps.
  • Oversee strategic planning process for committee.


  • Serve as liaison to strategic partnerships, seeking opportunities for collaboration and partnerships between the Chamber, the Foundation, COR and the community.
  • Co-lead chamber’s efforts to recruit young professional members, volunteers and committee members.
  • Serve on “events team” for major and recurring events.
  • Serve as team member for special projects, i.e. Graduation Imperative, membership campaigns, etc.
  • Attend board meetings and provide (at minimum) annual reports to Chamber and NG2G Boards of Directors.

To apply for VP for Talent and Leadership Development position, email your resume and cover letter to Scott Callison at Questions? Call 803.733.2520.


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