McGraw Enterprises recognized as 2nd Quarter Business Spotlight Honoree of 2013

BoardMeeting 006

James McGraw

This morning, the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce recognized McGraw Enterprises as its 2nd Quarter Business Spotlight Honoree of 2013.

The story of McGraw Enterprises begins in 2002 when James McGraw was laid off during the Winnsboro Mack Truck plant closure. With employment options looking slim, James took a risk and started his own business by opening a Fish Window Cleaning franchise.

Though the first few years proved challenging, by focusing on providing exceptional customer support and personalized service to his clients, Fish Window Cleaning would soon become a profitable operation. James would eventually be recognized by Fish Window Cleaning with a national pinnacle award at a St. Louis conference to commemorate a growth in revenue of over $100,000 in a single year.

In 2008, as the economy hit the floor, James innovated to create additional business growth by creating a janitorial company to complement his window cleaning business.

After graduating from the Benedict College Business Incubator, Mr. McGraw elevated his commitment to the Two Notch Road area by purchasing and renovating an abandoned building to create not only room for his businesses, but 15,000 SF of commercial property, both street front retail and office space, as well.

Now, 10 years later, James McGraw is the owner of three separate and profitable businesses. McGraw Enterprises currently employs over 18 people and continuously works to innovate and grow the businesses. James is recognized in the community as a fair and caring individual who goes out of his way to help others. Mr. McGraw employs several family members, and they are all committed to building and improving their quality business her in Columbia.

McGraw Enterprises gives back to the community by supporting Benedict College and sponsoring things such as neighborhood events and little league baseball. James is often called to speak with local college students about business development, and was even invited to teach a class on workplace diversity at the annual Fish Window Cleaning convention two years ago.

BoardMeeting 009

For his perseverance, exceptional work, and commitment to the community, we are proud to recognize Mr. James McGraw and McGraw Enterprises as our Business Spotlight Honoree for the 2nd Quarter of 2013.


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