Northeast Area Update | July 25

By Kasie Whitener, Northeast Area Council liaison
President & CEO Clemson Road Creative, LLC

Upper East Side, Columbia – Summer is here even if it is a little rainier than in years past.

At our Business at Sunrise event today we learned that the wettest summer on record was actually 1962. The area received more than 70 inches of rain that year. We’re nowhere near that number.

Feels dryer already!

Also at Business at Sunrise we heard from Beth Bernstein, State House Representative for District 78. Here’s her Facebook page if you’d like to say, “Hi!”

Representative Bernstein is a freshman in the State House but she’s already been part of some pretty important decisions related to business. She presented a legislative update including some numbers on the increase in state budget allocations for infrastructure and education, a constitutional amendment to allow church raffles, and a plan to reduce the legislative session to save taxpayers some money.

She also said the legislature has put in place a tax credit for Angel investors who invest in qualified start-ups. The credit is 35% of the investment amount. There is also a tax credit available for renovating abandoned buildings which should entice some developers and business owners into revitalizing decaying areas of the state. That credit is 25% of renovation costs.

The Chamber is grateful to Beth for coming to speak to our session this morning and for taking questions from the businesspeople in attendance. She addressed concerns about adoption of the Core Curriculum in schools, the imbalance in property taxes on primary and non-primary residences, the rejection of Medicaid expansion legislation, the plague of partisan politics, and the efforts to remedy the election troubles in Richland County.

Most importantly, she reminded everyone in attendance that the best way to get legislators to take action was to let them know via email, visits, or phone calls that a particular issue needed attention or support. Get involved, she said, and we can get stuff done.

The next Business at Sunrise will be at Westwood High School on August 29th and coincides with the onset of the new school year. We’ll hear from the new Richland Country District 2 Interim Superintendent Dr. Debra Hamm.

There is no Northeast Business After Hours in July. We’ll see you at Long Creek Equestrian Center on August 20th for a family after hours event. 

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