Richland County Invests In Navigating from Good to Great

Richland County Council has approved a $50,000 investment in Navigating from Good to Great, the regional economic/community development initiative. The funding is part of the county’s budget passed late last month.”Richland County is pleased to provide $50,000 in FY 14 for the Navigating from Good to Great Foundation, of which the County has been a proud sponsor for many years,” said Kelvin E. Washington, Sr., chairman of Richland County Council. “Richland County looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Foundation to obtain and maintain intellectual capital, as well as investment capital and well paying jobs, throughout Richland County, in both our urban and rural areas.”

This is the third year that Richland County has provided financial support to Navigating from Good to Great. The city of Columbia and Lexington County are also public investors.

Richland County’s funding will help the Navigating from Good to Great Foundation reach the $4 million goal for its next five years under the theme “Setting a New Direction.” Most of Navigating from Good to Great’s funding comes from the private sector.

“The Navigating from Good to Great Foundation would like to thank Richland County for investing in our regional vision for the Midlands and believing that together we can move our region from being a good place to live to a great place to live,” said Michael Crapps, president CEO of First Community Bank in Lexington and president of the Navigating from Good to Great Foundation.

The new campaign, which was launched in September 2012, has so far garnered investors’ pledges of more than $3.1 million, or about 80 percent of the campaign goal. The initial Navigating from Good to Great campaign in 2007-2008 raised about $3.3 million from private and public sources, exceeding that campaign’s $3 million goal.

The 2012-2017 Navigating from Good to Great initiatives include:

  • Creation of a regional vision and plan for economic development;
  • Continued efforts to ensure the continued longevity of Fort Jackson and its $7 billion economic impact on our community, as well as the health of other regional military installations;
  • Continuation of an Existing Business Retention & Expansion program;
  • Continued facilitation of regional and intergovernmental cooperation efforts;
  • Continued support for business cluster development;
  • Improving regional transportation infrastructure;
  • Preparing a future generation of business and community leaders;

The Navigating from Good to Great Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit founded in 2007 for the specific purpose of advancing the Midlands. The Good to Great Foundation works in cooperation with and is housed in the same facility as the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Foundation funding is entirely separate from Columbia Chamber funding.

About Navigating from Good to Great  

Navigating from Good to Great is an economic/community development initiative designed to transition the Midlands from good to Great. The Navigating from Good to Great Foundation is a private, non-profit, focused on creating and facilitating a region that is balanced, globally competitive, workforce advantaged, and not based on a singular market segment. The Foundation seeks to provide residents with a rich cultural infrastructure that is safe and supports a wide range of tastes through the effective involvement of the regions diverse population and resources.

 To learn more about Navigating from Good to Great, its funding, programs and initiatives, visit

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