Northeast Area Update | Dec. 17

It’s that time of year when bloggers are writing the year in review. In addition to that, bloggers love lists. So here you go, Upper East Side, here’s Three Cool Things Your Northeast Council Did in 2013:

1) Welcomed New Council Members

There’s nothing that gives an organization new life like bringing new people into the fold. In 2013, the Northeast Council welcomed Debbie Cohn from the Jewish Community Center and yours truly, Kasie Whitener, of Clemson Road Creative, to join the planning sessions.

While the Council has typically planned Business at Sunrise and Business After Hours events, both of our new members were asked to suggest additional events and opportunities to reach the Northeast Community on behalf of the Chamber.

Debbie and I brought new connections and new ideas and our influence can be seen on the 2014 calendar. Stay tuned!

2) Included Your Family

So many of our Northeast businesses are locally owned and in a local business, usually the family is supporting the business together. So in August we had a special Business After Hours that included kids, pets, and pony rides. We all went out to the farm at Longcreek Equestrian Centre on the night before school started back and had one last summer “hurrah!”

In 2014, we have a few events that will encourage dates, friends, family, and anyone else you can think of who supports your business and can contribute to the Northeast community. Even solopreneurs aren’t in business alone.

3) Reached Out to Inactive members

Sometimes the phone call saying, “Where ya been?” is enough to remind someone that there’s an organization like the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce Northeast Council looking out for you. In 2013, we held focus group meetings where we reached out to inactive members and asked them what more the Council and the Chamber could do for them.

Out of those sessions came some confessions and revelations about the nature of solopreneur and micro-business challenges. In 2014, the Northeast Council has some plans to work harder to connect our solopreneurs and to help new members navigate the various events and opportunities the Chamber offers.

In the New Year we resolve to …

January 1 presents an opportunity to start fresh: a new outlook, a new year, a new opportunity to grow businesses and grow the Upper East Side. Your Northeast Council has a lot of fresh ideas for 2014 including an Academy Awards-themed Business After Hours (Feb 18th) complete with paparazzi and movie stars and a Women’s History Month Business at Sunrise (March 27th) focusing on the unique challenges of female business leaders.

Every year we get better. Our mission is to serve you.


In preparation for our upcoming Oscars event, we’d like to recruit some solopreneur photographers to participate and (of course) promote their businesses. Chamber membership is not required. Send a note if you or a photog you know would like to be part of Business After Hours on February 18, 2013.

Tell us how we can do better. Leave a comment or send me a note via Twitter (@ClemsonRoad) or email (


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