Engenuity’s Ignite! 2014 Ideas Contest

Ignite LogoSmall business owners, social entrepreneurs, savvy students, big thinkers and go-getters are encouraged to enter EngenuitySC’s Ignite! 2014 Ideas Contest for a chance to win $5,000 from Wells Fargo Bank to create a new product or solve a problem through a novel business solution. Students, organizations and individuals residing in one of the eight counties within the Midlands are eligible to apply for Ignite! by Oct. 24, 2014 for a chance to present on Nov. 19. Applicants should submit a short, informal video clip to: http://engenuitysc.com/ignite/ignite-ideas-contest describing their well-thought out, innovative and exciting new ideas. 

Ignite 2013 - by Jonathan Sharpe (3) copy

Last year’s winner of Engenuity’s Ignite! Ideas Contest, My Learning Block, received $5,000 for their idea.

For more information visit: http://www.engenuitysc.com/ignite or call 803.354.5720.


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