Call to Action: Special Order Vote TOMORROW

Dear Partners of the Columbia Chamber,Carl Blackstone

This is a critical time for the South Carolina community to continue the conversation for infrastructure changes throughout the state. Tomorrow, Thursday, April 30, there will be a Special Order vote in the Senate to set the infrastructure bill for debate. In order to place this bill in the last available slot, a two-thirds vote is required.

South Carolina roads are an undeniable issue that, despite different opinions, must be addressed. A safe road system is crucial to our citizens, employees, commerce, and economic development. Despite political differences and opinions, it can be agreed upon that this is an issue that needs to be brought up.

Please contact Senators of the Richland Lexington delegation and encourage them to vote in favor of setting the infrastructure bill for Special Order:

Senator Nikki Setzler | 803.212.6140

Senator Ronnie Cromer | 803.212.6330

Senator Katrina Frye Shealy | 803.212.6056

Senator Joel Lourie | 803.212.6116

Senator J. Thomas McElveen | 803.212.6132

Senator Vincent Sheheen | 803.212.6032

Senator John E. Courson | 803.212.6250

Senator Darrell Jackson | 803.212.6048

Senator Joel Lourie | 803.212.6116

Senator John L. Scott, Jr. | 803.212.6048

Thank you for taking action on behalf of our business community.

Carl Blackstone
President & CEO
Columbia Chamber


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